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Airbnb ready

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Villa with Private Pool

Hospitality Grade Interior

360 Deg View Villas

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3000 Sq. Ft. Villa

Our villas, inspired by the timeless charm of Bali, invite you to immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of contemporary design and the natural world, enhancing your holistic experience.


2460 Sq. Ft. Villa

Step into the deep-rooted connection between organic design elements and the promotion of holistic well-being


600 Sq. Ft. Villa

Step into a realm where your villa is not just a dwelling, but an seamless extension of a lavish resort.


Location Details

Located near Mehtab Khan guda, it is a 15 min drive from Shankarpalli, in the fast-developing western corridor of Hyderabad. It is an ideal location for a second home and those week-end getaways or as a long-term investment

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