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Ridhira Wellness Resort is a family owned resort who have been welcoming guests for nearly 20 years. From the moment you walk through our front doors, we want you to feel at home and let us take care of you. Wellness is at our core, however, we understand that life is to be lived, and part of being on holiday is having a glass of wine at night or a cocktail by the pool. All of our wellness programs are expertly curated, with a great emphasis on being realistic, not idealistic. We cater to our leisure guest who wants to integrate wellness into their stay, hence our concept of Wellness. We put pleasure into living well.

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A message from the founder

Ridhira group started 15 years ago with our first O2 spa opening up in Novotel Hyderabad expanding with virgin demand from customers like yourself. We expanded into becoming India's largest wellness company with spas operating across airports, hotels, malls and several high street locations. Our vision is to build really sustainable living communities with technology at the epi center.

Celebrating 16+ years of Sustainable Wellness Living

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Who knew the path to wellness could be easily done when it is made easy to do?